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of our loved ones

"They shall grow not old as we that are left grow old.

Age shall not weary them nor the years condemn.

At the going down of the sun and in the morning.

We will remember them."

Mr Samuel Donaldson, RUC

Killed on the 12th August 1970

Mr Thomas Beck, Civillian

Killed on the 9th Feb 1971.

Mr John Eakins, Civillian

Killed on 9th Feb 1971.

Mr Harold Edgar, Civilian

Killed on 9th Feb 1971.

Mr Robert Megaw, RUC

Died 1st December 1973

Mr Maurice Rolston, RUC

Killed on 11th December 1973

Mr Robert Freeburn, Civilian

Killed at Kingsmills on the 5th January 1976.

Mr Norman Campbell, RUC

Died 15th December 1976

Mr Cecil Grills, UDR

Killed on the 12th January 1978


Mr Richard McKee, UDR

Killed on the 28th April 1981

Mr William Finlay, RUCR

Killed on the 6th October 1983.

Alexander Donaldson, RUC

Killed on the 28th February 1985


Mr Michael Kay, RUCR

Killed on the 3rd April 1985

Captain Gordon Hanna, UDR

Killed on the 29th November 1985

Mr David Brown, UDR and search dog Oliver

Killed 28th May 1986.

Mr John Chambers, Civilian

Killed on the 13th March 1987.

Alan Johnston, UDR

Killed on the 15th February 1988

Mr John Moreland UDR

Died 16th December 1988

Mr Harry Dickey, Civilian

Killed on the 2nd January 1990

Mr Kenny Graham, Civilian

Killed on the 27th April 1990

Mr Stephen Gillespie, RUC

Killed 2nd May 1991.

MAST continues to support those bereaved and affected physically and psychologically by The Troubles.

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