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"To instil remembrance. To honour our loved ones.

To dedicate ourselves to achieve justice."

MAST has developed from the victims support group "Mourne Victims Group" which was created to address the needs of relatives who lost loved ones or those who have been injured as a result of "The Troubles".We are an innocent victims/survivors group, made up principally of families of those who were murdered or injured both in the Kingdom of Mourne and across Ulster. We also have members whose lives have been affected as a result of "The Troubles".As MAST develops through both the financial support of our Funder and the invaluable support of our members and friends, we have found our numbers growing all the time. We currently have over 100 direct members.

Why now?


In 1994 with the introduction of the "Republican Cease-fire" the needs of the Innocent Victims of terrorism were yet again placed on the back burner. However in 1998 the Government, through the Belfast Agreement, eventually decided to offer some funding and help to previously ignored families.At the same time, the definition of the word "Victim" has been tarnished, to enable those perpetrators of terrorist violence to claim the status of being a "Victim". We in MAST do not accept this.The aim of MAST is to provide help, guidance and support to our members and their families, whilst at the same time influence decision makers within local and national government.We continue to seek justice for our loved ones, murdered by Republican Terrorists, in order that one day the murderers will be held accountable for their crimes.

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